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Healthcare, technology, and finance are popular industries for M&A. Each industry comes with unique challenges, risks, and opportunities. Our Industries blog communicates industry-specific insights about business transactions, due diligence, and virtual data rooms.

Key industry terms

    1. High-risk industry: Carries extra money laundering and terrorist financing risks.
    2. Regulatory scrutiny: It occurs when dealmakers comply with increasingly complex regulations and experience close attention from regulatory authorities.
    3. Antitrust compliance: Laws and regulations against monopolistic M&A practices.
    4. Initial public offering (IPO): Occurs when a private company becomes a publicly traded company and gets listed on stock exchanges.
    5. Private equity: An investment concept when investment funds purchase private or publicly traded companies for long-term investor returns. 
    6. Venture capital: A form of private capital raising that targets promising early startups.

Key industry specifics in M&A

Healthcare and life sciences

  • Data security concerns. Healthcare deals are more susceptible to cyber threats as they carry massive volumes of technology-driven research or patient information.
  • Regulatory scrutiny. These industries are subject to strict anti-monopoly, anti-money laundering, and security regulations. Dealmakers navigate complex regulatory requirements at all stages of the M&A lifecycle.
  • Strategic opportunities. Dealmakers pursue scientific advancements and anticipate high shareholder returns driven by high consumer demand.


  • Complex integration. Technology integration takes the most time among all business functions and requires careful diligence, planning, and coordinated execution.
  • Data security concerns. Cybercriminals often attack tech startups and force acquirers to develop sophisticated security measures.
  • Product extension focus. Many tech acquirers target specific technologies to complement products and services and generate cross-selling revenue. 

Navigating industries

Our Industries blog centers around the following topics:

  1. Best venture capital and private equity practices
  2. Guides to industry-specific compliance requirements
  3. Guides to industry-specific M&A transactions
  4. Industry news and insights
  5. Guides to virtual data rooms for various industries
  6. And more

Keep reading our blog to enjoy in-depth insights about M&A deals and M&A technology in various industries. Our blog helps M&A professionals, auditors, cybersecurity experts, entrepreneurs, C-suite executives, and advisors.

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