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Virtual data rooms

A virtual data room (VDR) is a security-first workspace for managing confidential business data.
Virtual data rooms are primary tools for organizing, coordinating, and executing mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, due diligence, and other data-rich business activities. Our data rooms blog provides helpful recommendations on using data rooms in business transactions.

Key data room terms

  1. Role-based access control: Enables content access rights for predefined user roles admin, restricted admin, collaborative user, and guest.
  2. Granular access permissions: Enable fine-tuned control of actions selected users can perform with selected files and folders.
  3. Dynamic watermarking: Embeds unique, personalized watermarks to files depending on the file recipient.
  4. Data encryption: Converts textual data into a cipher unreadable to unauthorized parties.
  5. Information rights management (IRM) security: Controls access to files already downloaded or shared.
  6. Screen capture blocking: Disables screen capture functionality in encrypted files.
  7. Multi-factor authentication: Requires a user to provide more than one set of credentials to log into the data room.
  8. Audit trail: Automatically logs all user actions and generates drill-down activity reports.
  9. File redaction: Obscures and removes sensitive information from files.
  10. Question and answer (Q&A): A set of features that automatically forward questions from collaborators to subject-matter experts.
  11. Version control: Maintains a history of file versions.

Navigating virtual data rooms

Our data room blog covers the following topics:

  1. Virtual data rooms overview: market insights and VDR software reviews
  2. VDR security features
  3. Industry-specific VDR insights
  4. Best practices for VDRs in M&A transactions
  5. How-to guides to VDR use
  6. Data room checklists
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