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Our how-to blog category collects resources, guides, and tips on data rooms and M&A activities. We convey due diligence practices, data room usage, checklists, practical tips, and other topics.

Due diligence checklists

How guides help readers with the following:

  • Due diligence understanding. We offer tips and insights on due diligence methodology, preparations, and processes.
  • Due diligence improvement. We provide actionable tips to analyze due diligence documents faster, easier, and cheaper.
  • Due diligence checklists. We offer checklists on functional streams, integrations, auditing, etc.

Data room guides

You can also read how-to guides on data room features and workflows:

  • VDR features. We explain how VDR features work and how to use them for maximum security and efficiency.
  • VDR settings. We offer tips for configuring VDR settings, uploading content, and inviting users.
  • VDRs in business transactions. We offer free VDR checklists and explain how to use VDRs in business transactions.

M&A tips and checklists

Our how-to articles focus on the following:

  • M&A efficiency. We explain M&A technology and best industry-leading practices to increase integration success and shareholder returns.
  • M&A risks. We offer best practices on risk management, cultural integration, and compliance.
  • M&A practices. We research best practices that improve M&A results and explore M&A case studies.
M&A pipeline management

01 July 2024

M&A Pipeline Essentials: Stages, Practices, and Management Solutions

Although each merger and acquisition is unique, a fundamental sequence of events is common to all deals—  the M&A pipeline....

post-merger integration

29 May 2024

Post-merger integration framework: Best practices + software solutions

M&A activity is projected to increase 20% YoY in 2024, slowly returning to pre-pandemic levels. It’s crucial to maintain momentum...

IT due diligence, information technology diue diligence

10 May 2024

IT due diligence checklist: Process and tips explained

As much as 74% of CEOs believe digital technology drives business growth, and over 80% of successful M&A deals emphasize...

due diligence checklist

08 April 2024

A Complete Due Diligence Checklist: Template to Use in 2024

Whether you are a manager preparing for a merger or a finance professional seeking to enhance your knowledge, it is...

Data room for life sciences

15 March 2024

Virtual Data Room for Life Sciences: Data Protection in Action

Life science companies face big challenges when trying to sell their products. They have to figure out how much their...

data room venture capital

16 February 2024

Data Room For Venture Capital: The Complete Fundraising Handbook

When you’re trying to gather funds for your business, having a structured way to show your past financial statements and...

due diligence for startups

05 December 2023

Due diligence for startups: checklist, common challenges, and their solutions

Statistically, about 20% of startups fail in the first year, 50% within five years, and 65% within 10 years. Key...

private equity data room, private equity virtual data room

01 December 2023

Virtual Data Rooms for Private Equity: Top 3 Providers and Benefits to Use

The Q3 2023 demonstrates that the private equity (PE) deal activity continues to expedite as macro volatility starts to decline...

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