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Dealroom virtual data room software:
the complete guide

DocSend is a virtual data room provider offering secure and customizable solutions for businesses of all sizes. Originally founded in 2013 in San Francisco, USA, DocSend was acquired by Dropbox in early 2021.

Today, DocSend is used by 34,000 businesses. Companies that use DocSend data room software are mostly located in the United States. The major industry categories are computer software, information technology, and services.

Software screenshots

docsend data room
docsend data room

Docsend data room features


AES 256-bit
Secure links
Access control
Download disabling

User and data management

3 levels of user roles
4 levels of granular space permission
Links preview
Version control and content replacement
Tracking files and emails
Remote purge and wipe


Content layout
Content organization (advanced only)
Individual pricing for enterprise

Pros and cons

Summarizing the written above, we provided the main advantages and disadvantages of the DocSend. 

  • Customization options: the platform’s flexibility allows businesses to tailor VDR to their specific needs.
  • Wide range of pricing plans: there are four main pricing plans corresponding to different companies and individuals.
  • Integrated eSignature: this feature allows сonverting and creating signable documents within the platform, while easily sharing them with recipients via secure links.
  • Reporting and analytics: audit reports for regulated and non-regulated industries
  • One-click NDA: This functionality makes it easy to set up NDAs or other agreements for more controlled access to your sensitive content.
  • Document analytics: it enables you to gather document-level insights, tracking top-performing pages, average completion percentage, and document version performance.
  • No integration with professional and organizational communication services.
  • Some users report issues with the UI design and interface.
  • No video support.


DocSend offers pricing with four main plans: Personal, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise. The Personal plan caters to individual users, while the Advanced and Enterprise plans provide additional features.For your convenience, we’ve provided a list of the available subscription plans below:

Personal Standard Advanced Enterprise
Storage, GB 50 50 50 50
Cost per month $10/person $45/person $150/ 3 person Contact for pricing
Check price

Security features

DocSend protects its clients’ data by combining unique security technologies, compliance certifications, and a range of secure user management capabilities. Let’s look at each aspect of DocSend’s security in more detail.

This data room provider offers the following range of certifications and compliance solutions:

  • Transport Layer Security (TLS). It ensures secure communication over networks, safeguarding data during transmission.
  • SOC 1 Type II. It safeguards financial reporting processes, ensuring reliability and compliance.
  • SOC 2 Type II. This certificate attests to robust security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy measures.
  • 27001 certified data centers. It guarantees stringent information security management practices.
  • AES 256-bit. It is the industry’s most robust encryption standard to fortify data protection and confidentiality.

Here’s how DocSend’s document security features enhance users’ control over their data:

  • Secure links. This feature allows to learn how visitors interact with documents, while also enabling secure file sharing outside the data room
  • Document analytics. Analytics is crucial for getting insights on when and how users interact with the documents.
  • Watermarks. This functionality allows users to apply custom watermarks to documents to track interactions with them and increase security.
  • NDA. This functionality requires all collaborators to sign a legally binding agreement before getting access to documents.
  • Expiration dates for documents. Thanks to this limitation, all users are allowed to view your shared material for a limited time.
  • Download disabling. This feature restricts downloading of data from the data room while letting users view the documents.

Here’s how DocSend ensures authorized access to vital data through comprehensive user control tools:

  • Secure file viewer. Sets a password and manages access to files and views.
  • Granular space permissions. Sets four permission options for specific files or folders, ensuring fully controlled, granular access.
  • Notifications. Sends notifications every time someone opens, views, or edits a document.
  • Administrative permissions. This feature allows for inviting, deactivating, reactivating, or suspending users’ accounts.
  • eSignature. Facilitates the conversion of files into legally binding, signable documents, while also allowing users to create such documents directly within the platform.
  • User roles. The platform allows different permissions and access depending on the role.

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Comparison of the top 3 data rooms

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General business
Top use cases M&A, Finance, Life sciences and healthcare, Energy, Real estate, TechM&A, Finance, LegalM&A, IPO, Capital raising, Healthcare, Real estate
What users appreciate Excellent support, easy-to-use, encryption and security featuresEncryption, data analysis tool, supportReliable support, comfortable platform
Fence view
Granular access permissions 8 levels4 levels5 levels
Dynamic watermarking
Built-in redaction
Two-factor authentication
Advanced Q&A
Automatic reports subscription
Detailed audit trail
Auto-notifications about new activity
Custom branding
Live chat
Email support
Phone support


What is DocSend used for?

DocSend is used for securely sharing and managing sensitive business information. It can be used for due diligence, M&A transactions, fundraising, etc.

Is DocSend owned by Dropbox?

Yes, DocSend was acquired by Dropbox in 2021, further enhancing its capabilities as a virtual data room provider.

How safe is DocSend?

DocSend employs advanced security measures, including SSL/TLS encryption and two-factor authentication, to protect users’ data.

Can I use DocSend for free?

No, DocSend does not offer a free version. Nonetheless, DocSend offers a 14-day free trial to try out its benefits before opting for a paid plan.

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