Intralinks virtual data room review

intralinks data room
intralinks data room

Intralinks is a virtual data room provider that specializes in the energy, legal and financial industries. Intralinks’ clients in the energy industry range from companies in the oil and gas sector to those dealing with renewable energy sources. In the financial industry, Intralinks’ clients range from banking and securities to alternative investments companies.

The security features of the Intralinks data room include one-click document sharing, watermarking, granular user permissions down to document level, AI redaction, encrypted archiving and in-region data storage and processing.

Among the document management features of this virtual data room are:

  • M&A workflow, a unique Intralinks feature that allows one-step document approval and automated publishing
  • bulk upload, renaming and permissioning for files and folders 
  • auto-indexing
  • document templates
  • integrated AI document analysis

When it comes to pricing, the Intralinks data room provider offers only one plan, which includes an unlimited number of users, administrators and data rooms. The pricing structure is based on the number of pages uploaded. For other kinds of media, such as video files, 1 GB counts as 15,000 pages. 

There is a minimum project cost as well, but the more the client pays, the more flexible Intralinks is with the price, number of USBs, prolongation, extra storage, and the like. However, Intralinks’ pricing structure doesn’t encourage signing up for long-term contracts, since their pricing model progression is aggressive for the first 12 months and flatish after. In most cases, Intralinks doesn’t offer a trial period for the prospective client to test out the platform.

According to clients’ reviews, the strong points of the Intralinks VDR include the fact that it’s secure, user-friendly, and that it offers good customer support and pre-deal communication. Also, the virtual data room is easy to set up, and it can integrate with Zoom.

As regards the weak features of this virtual data room, some clients find the interface outdated and hard to use, though this is contradicted by those clients who do find the Intralinks platform user-friendly. The main con is the pricing structure. Clients feel it is complicated, and they are not pleased with the hidden costs such as the cost per media. Also, they feel the price offer is inconsistent, since it benefits clients who are paying more to use the software.

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