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Year founded: 2007 Located: Seattle, USA Website: onehub.com
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Onehub virtual data room software:
the complete guide

A Onehub virtual data room allows businesses to send and store sensitive information safely. Onehub VDRs include all of the essential features you need to get deals done faster.

The Onehub data room provider has clients from industries such as energy, entertainment, finance, healthcare, legal, manufacturing, marketing, real estate, and tech.

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onehub virtual data room
onehub virtual data room

Onehub data room features


Access Expiration
Two-Factor Authentications
ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified
SOC 1 Certified
SSAE 16 Certified
Data Backup

User and data management

View-Only Access
Granular Document Permissions
Secure Fence View
Granular User Permissions
Permission Groups
Prevention of Download and Copy


Branded User Interface
Custom User Invitation Letter
Custom Login Page
Managed Encryption Keys
Custom Workflows and Features

Pros and cons

A Onehub virtual data room has many powerful features to enhance workflow and increase productivity. These include activity tracking, bank-level encryption, and advanced customization features. Activity tracking ensures that any action within the data room is recorded, so you have full control over each user’s activity. Bank-level encryption makes it possible to protect data both in transit and at rest so that only authorized users you’ve invited to the data room can access your files. Finally, advanced customization features allow you to add branding, logo, and color scheme to the virtual data room to create a professional space that presents your company  as professional to clients and customers.

On the downside, though, some user reviews claim that Onehub has outdated UI and some occasional software bugs, which affect overall data room performance. For instance, customers report difficulty trying to access files by outside users through their corporate email addresses. Other reviews indicate that the explanation of permission roles is overly sophisticated and requires additional explanation. Some users also report long document processing time and a lack of full admin control for managing permissions and users.

  • Flexible and customizable index structure
  • Responsive technical support
  • Satisfactory level of security and document privacy
  • Intuitive, easy multi-project management on desktop devices
  • FTP getaway support
  • User-friendly interface on desktop devices
  • High browser compatibility
  • Technical documentation lacking details
  • Limited functionality and counterintuitive interface in the mobile app
  • No document and file tagging
  • Simple solution overall that lacks dedicated M&A features


Onehub offers a subscription-based pricing model, with several pricing options to choose from, including standard, advanced, data room edition, and unlimited edition subscriptions. Standard provides you with the basics: 50 workspaces, 1 TB cloud storage, and 3 paid users.

The most popular subscription is advanced, where you get a robust set of file sharing features for any business, including 200 workspaces, unlimited cloud storage, 1000 total users, and from 5 paid users. In addition, the data room edition and unlimited edition offer advanced features and unlimited storage.

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Security features

This solution provides many security features, including role-based permissions, audit trails, session timeouts, and two-factor authentication. In addition,this functionality boosts content protection.

Among other important Onehub features, you can find object-level security, which grants you complete control over what users can view, print, download, and edit. Additionally, the role-preview feature allows setting user permissions and enabling you to “preview” these user accounts before they go live. This ensures that they can only view what you want to share.

Onehub also has a complex password policy, which helps to ensure better security of users’ data. You can require advanced password criteria to be met on Onehub.

The Onehub virtual data room provider also offers a wide variety of document management features, including:

  • User invitations. You can invite users to the workspace, chosen folders, or files. Once invited, users will receive a branded introductory email, which allows them to set up a password and access files.
  • User management. In Onehub, you can quickly set up a team for each workspace. You have full control over granting and revoking access and modifying roles within the data room.
  • Drag-and-drop uploading. Files can be quickly and easily uploaded using the drag-and-drop feature.
  • Full-text search. Every word in your files is automatically indexed, so you can quickly search the data room to locate a document.
  • Version control. The Onehub virtual data room provider offers a clear version numbering of files, so you can easily access older versions of files whenever you need them.

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Comparison of the top 3 data rooms

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General business
Top use cases M&A, Finance, Life sciences and healthcare, Energy, Real estate, TechM&A, Finance, LegalM&A, IPO, Capital raising, Healthcare, Real estate
What users appreciate Excellent support, easy-to-use, encryption and security featuresEncryption, data analysis tool, supportReliable support, comfortable platform
Fence view
Granular access permissions 8 levels4 levels5 levels
Dynamic watermarking
Built-in redaction
Two-factor authentication
Advanced Q&A
Automatic reports subscription
Detailed audit trail
Auto-notifications about new activity
Custom branding
Live chat
Email support
Phone support


What is OneHub?

OneHub is a secure data room platform for keeping and sharing sensitive files designed for companies across industries. OneHub provides many features to improve and secure file sharing, including automatic watermarking, custom branding, Google Docs integration, and adjustable terms of access.

How much does OneHub cost?

OneHub costs range from $12.50 to $500 per month if billed monthly and from $15 to $575 if billed annually. In particular, the provider offers four tariff plans — Standard, Advanced, Data Room Edition, and Unlimited Edition. Each includes a 14-day free trial period.

Who are OheHub competitors?

OneHub competitors are DocSend, SuiteDash, Box, Dropbox, and ShareFile. According to G2, these business tools can be used as an alternative to OneHub because they are easier to manage and more user-friendly. But, on the other hand, they are slower to reach ROI than with OneHub.

What are the top OneHub features?

The top OneHub features are a folder-based organization, full-text search, drag and drop tool, and version control for data management. For security, Onehub delivers role-based permissions, role previews, two-factor authentication, and session timeouts. Other notable features are sign-in forms, hibernation mode, and customization options.

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