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sharevault data room
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sharevault data room

Sharevault can be used to process large volumes of data in a simplified manner. This data room service provider allows users to carry out M&A, IPO, fundraisers, and many more. It allows for seamless team collaboration, secure data hosting, and an efficient due diligence process.

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Security features

The virtual data room is hosted on secure servers on Amazon AWS and designed to meet industry specifications on data security, using RaskSpace for protection against cyber data theft. Access is enabled using a two-factor authentication system that allows users to validate their identity using an additional layer of passcode received via their phones before signing in.

Sharevault has a record uptime of 99% which makes it easy to trust that no server glitches will impede your work in the middle of a crucial deal. Update on the data room system doesn’t affect the use of the software, and work can be done seamlessly and in real-time. An IP address tracker allows you to see where your end-users are working from, hence you have control over how your virtual data room is accessed.

Sharevault as a virtual data room provider allows you to manage how your documents are used and accessed by third parties invited into your data room. It allows you to determine how much access you’re willing to give to each person while using a particular document, or which folder is within a user’s authorization. You also get to apply watermarks on documents shared to maintain originality and illicit sharing. 

Another interesting thing about Sharevault is that you can terminate user access to your files and folders after a specified period and destroy copies of documents available on the user’s end that you won’t want to keep. Printing of documents by end-users can only be done with your permission: files can be limited from copy or pasting, and you may disable screenshots as well, hence nothing happens that you’re not aware of. 

A document trail allows you to see how end-users interact with your data room, what files they view, and what actions they take on such documents. This helps to gain insights into the flow of ongoing deals, and make necessary early decisions.

Sharevault data room features


ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified
Two-Factor Authentications
Data Backup
Multiple Datacenters

User and data management

Search Filter by Name
Filtering by Parameters
Automatic Numerical Indexing
Granular Document Permissions
Granular User Permissions


Branded User Interface
Scheduled Reports
Custom Access Agreements
Single Sign-On Integration


Sharevault’s pricing is quote-based and depends on particular user preferences and needs. Besides that, Sharevault offers a free 10-day trial that enables you to access all the functionalities of the platform.

Pros and cons

Speaking of Sharevault’s particular benefits, users most often report its intuitive search feature. Thanks to it, documents can be found easily, using the filter and keyword functions that turn in your results in a matter of seconds, hence helping to save considerable time. Sharevault also allows users special branding features that allow you to customize your data room in your brand colors and add your logo.

The user interface is intuitive and simple to use despite its high-end design. And best of all, users can access Sharevault’s 24-hour support service anytime it’s required.

Setting up the Sharevault data room is pretty easy and there’s nothing technical about its customization, which is why users can set it up in a few hours. Any user who’s new to the data room also gets to be trained on its use, and Sharevault still provides support via emails, phone calls, and tickets.

On the downside, Sharevault doesn’t provide any demo for users to see how it works. Besides, the data room is fully cloud-based, hence not much can be done offline.

What is Sharevault?

ShareVault is a virtual data room for securely sharing sensitive documents with corporate workers and outside parties. It features document management, activity tracking, and data protection tools. This platform is used by large, medium, and small businesses, venture capitalists, investment bankers, and law firms for expedited due diligence.

Is Sharevault secure?

ShareVault data room is a secure data-sharing platform for information-intensive business deals. It is deployed in a Virtual Private Cloud and hosted by Amazon Web Services. Also, the solution includes a two-step verification, 256-bit data encryption, and customer-managed keys.

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G2: 4.6/5
Capterra: 4.4/5
Software Advice: 4.4/5
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