highq data room
highq data room

HighQ is a sophisticated software framework for legal professionals that features virtual data room capabilities alongside other document processing and collaboration tools. HighQ comes from an abundant product line of legal instruments, which provides its data room users with a versatile, equipped experience.

HighQ data room is a part of Thomson Reuters, a New York-based information and media company that serves businesses in legal, financial, accounting, IP, and other segments.

HighQ data room provider operates in the law sector, targeting boutique firms, corporate and government legal departments. As a niche solution, HighQ virtual data room focuses its development and innovations on alignment with the legal sector.

The data centers that process HighQ data room transactions are placed in several locations across the US. The hardware is monitored and certified according to ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 standards.

The HighQ data room provider ensures software security compliance by employing practices such as SOC Type II, OWASP, and PCIS.

HighQ virtual data room user-end security features vary on the feature package. The basic functions include single sign-on, user activity reporting, and granular permissions. And the advanced security capacities offered by the HighQ virtual data room provider are customer-managed encryption keys and digital rights management.

HighQ data room users will also benefit from 256-bit encryption, secure e-signing powered by DocuSign and Adobe Sign integrations, and enhanced access authorization control.

HighQ virtual data room enables a transparent and streamlined document management experience. The users can quickly locate the necessary files, improve productivity via Outlook, Office 365, and G Suite integrations, and collaboratively edit documents.

The HighQ data room provider also offers advanced document organization features that include approval workflows, metadata customization, and document comparison. 

HighQ virtual data room provider follows a custom, per-feature price formation model with three main approaches: Essential, Advanced, and Premium. The users will choose a suitable plan based on their company size and needs. This way, the Essential solution will accommodate the data room needs of small law firms, while Premium services large corporations.

All HighQ plans allocate 1 GB of storage and five external users to each internal user. Extra storage and external users can be added to the package at an additional cost. The same applies to the additional virtual data room and collaboration features, such as client portal manager, document management automation, and AI-driven integrations.

With a strong focus on the legal sector, HighQ data room provider offers great value to law firms. Disregarding the company size, HighQ users can take advantage of simplified workflows, an intuitive interface, and a versatile add-on collection to meet their specific requirements. 

HighQ’s secure storage solutions, along with seamless integrations and user-oriented design, ideally benefit and complement the lawyers’ busy work cycles. At the same time, the HighQ data room platform easily adapts to smartphones and other mobile devices, enabling faster decision-making and improved remote collaboration.

On the other hand, some HighQ users report a lack of pricing transparency and the cost build-up associated with the per-feature model. Others say that while the overall HighQ virtual data room experience is functional and efficient, it can take some time to navigate the offered solutions and set up the tool according to the company’s needs.

Additionally, some of the former HighQ data room users point to the need for UX improvement, higher repository capacities, and feature insufficiency for specific tasks, like customization and contract management.

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