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gilbert waters
Written by Gilbert Waters
Gilbert Waters
Co-founder at, marketing specialist.
My experience
I applied for my first marketing job in 2003. It was a marketing manager position in a B2B cybersecurity software company. I was in charge of developing digital marketing campaigns and coordinating a small team of writers and editors. In 2013, I was promoted to marketing director, which allowed me to supervise the entire digital marketing department.
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Why data rooms?

Gilbert Waters and Elena Coleman, founders, have over 24 years of combined business experience, including direct M&A advisory and data room expertise.

They revealed a significant gap in the M&A IT systems selection methodology. It was the main driver behind the mission and research centered around the data room industry.

Beyond that, we have several more reasons to review the data room market:

  • We aim to improve M&A with the relevant technology, which accounts for an average $30-$75 million increase in deal value, according to Accenture.
  • We want to protect dealmakers from cybersecurity risks threatening 62% of M&A deals.
  • wants to empower executives and business owners to help handle the significant demand for digitally-savvy C-suite employees.

To carry out our mission, we conduct extensive VDR vendor research and cover marketing data, functionality, user feedback, and other aspects.

Market research

When reviewing a VDR provider, we inspect its marketing data using the following approaches:

  • Collect accessible marketing data — Customer base, revenue, brand awareness, employee data, technology stack, industries, etc.
  • Inspect vendor’s media — Official websites, social media, case studies, and other data sources
  • Evaluate related media — Software review platforms and featured materials
  • Assess technology — Product demos and free trial services demonstrating VDR capabilities in action

User reviews research

We pay significant attention to user feedback when reviewing VDR providers. The team uses many sources to map VDR providers on our data room grid, including but not limited to:

  • Official case studies from VDR vendors’ websites
  • Case studies from reputable media sources, such as Forbes, Medium, HBR, and others, if applicable
  • Capterra, GetApp, SoftwareAdvice, G2, SourceForge, and other major software review platforms
  • Smaller software review websites
  • Smaller VDR review websites
  • Social media platforms and forums

We achieve the highest level of accuracy by combining AI technology and manual reviewing while collecting and processing massive data volumes. Our team also considers the quality of reviews, including but not limited to:

  • Degree of reviewer’s affiliation with a software vendor
  • Reviews’ age, with equal attention to new and old testimonials
  • Customer feedback quality progression over time
  • Reviewers’ business sizes and industries

It allows us to connect as many quality data points as possible and develop a broader perspective while forming our VDR software ratings.

How is our rating calculated? ratings are based on our extensive analytics complemented by in-depth customer data extracted from G2, Capterra, and other software review platforms. Our rating is calculated based on the following criteria:

  • Ease of use. We consider customization, interface friendliness, cross-platform support, responsiveness, and navigation.
  • Customer support. Our team inspects response time, availability hours, follow-up response, expertise, empathy, and support channels.
  • Ease of setup. We evaluate VDR setup time, learning curve, data transfer speed, onboarding assistance, technical documentation, and overall process complexity.
  • Functionality. We assess workflows, document management, data privacy, security, reporting, collaboration, integration, and branding features.

Why can you trust us? consists of experienced business analysts, content writers and validators, and subject-matter experts to fuel independent and expert research. We follow a multi-step review methodology to achieve the best results:

  • Data collection
  • Technology assessment
  • Content production
  • Content validation

Ultimately, we build our research on core values, including security, transparency, continuous improvement, expertise, and user satisfaction. We continuously update our VDR ratings based on the marketing data and market conditions.

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